BangPli is a vibrant center of "hustle and bustle", with all the modern amenities of restaurants, shopping centers and accommodation.  Yet it has retained its Thai culture and the "old ways".  On most day it is still possible to see gaily clothed vendors plying their wares along the canals in their little wooden Thai paddle boats.

The festivals arranged by these fun-loving locals are nothing short of spectacular.  The "Rub Bua" water carnival should not be missed.

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Sananwan Palace, located in the outer suburbs of Bangok, about
5 kilimeters from the new Bangkok airport, offers both furnished and unfurnished accommodation at very reasonable rates.
We provide around the clock security, car parking and a lock-up facility for motor cycles.  Guests can also enjoy cable TV, a beautiful swimming pool, and a well-equipped health club.  Thai massage is readily available. Our basic furnished rooms at BB Guesthouse, within the Sananwan complex, are priced from 150 Baht per night.  Air conditioned rooms start from 300 Baht.  All our rooms, furnished and unfurnished, have private bathrooms. 

Sananwan Palace rents unfurnished rooms with private bathrooms for between 1,500 and 2,000 baht per month.

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